A series of paintings from the heart of TriBeCa.

TriBeCa (from Vivian's window) pastel on sanded paper, 22" X 30"

TriBeCa (from Vivian's window) pastel on sanded paper, 22" X 30"


Tatjana Krizmanic is an American Croatian artist known for her brilliant pastel drawings and oil paintings, which depict ordinary life with a distinctly European sensibility. Krizmanic’s work is marked by a warm cheerfulness, where bright colors and swirling perspectives make everyday settings come alive, such as a trip to the farmers’ market or morning coffee. Surreal and inventive, her work recalls Chagall, Matisse, Klimt, Picasso – influences she grew up with.


The first series of paintings after moving to New York City. "Immersed in its exuberant sound and color I find myself searching for the quiet places, which I adore. In the quiet, new ideas for paintings are starting to emerge. In the Tribeca series I use pastel on paper with sanded ground. The gritty surface of the sanded paper and rougher than usual pastel strokes represent the energy of the city set against softer planes of smaller buildings. Together they mirror the vibrant and sparkling contradiction this city presents.

Available at Curated Fine Art in Mystic Connecticut and at B. Deemer Gallery in Louisville, KY