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Paintings from the Cape Cod National Seashore.

My new book Ocean Rhapsody presenting the latest body of work in oil on canvas will be available in a few days on Amazon.

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You can also purchase the book here.

“Ocean Rhapsody” was created during several off- season months spent on the outer Cape, around Truro. Its quiet world of moors, ocean bluffs and rolling dunes inspired these paintings. I sought to capture the atmospheric charge and exquisite rough beauty of the cold months by the sea. The main players in most of these paintings are the ice floes themselves. In some treatments I softened them to be almost cloud-like, and in others, brisk strokes render them ragged as if raging against the frozen shoreline. Additionally, the works are permeated by a silence that was perhaps inspired by cold winter days, but more likely it speaks to my own wish to simply be a vessel of expression.


The art of tatjana krizmanic

This large format book contains a comprehensive review of figurative paintings by Tatjana Krizmanic. Printed on uncoated archival paper and hard bound in linen cloth, the book is source of tactile and visual enjoyment. 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
188 Pages. It is available for purchase online.

Also available as ebook



All is Well

By Anam Thubten/Tatjana Krizmanic

Special edition of this book is hard bound in linen and printed on uncoated archival paper with full dust jacket and flaps. It contains a spontaneous poem for the Crestone [meditation] retreat, written by Anam Thubten. Each line is accompanied by one of Tatjana Krizmanic's paintings. 10×8 in, 25×20 cm, 42 Pages.


Also available as ebook


Big Sky

Book of poems by Anam Thubten

illustrated by Tatjana Krizmanic



eleven poems

Poems of Lorca, Neruda, Rilke, Poe, Dickinson, Rumi, Yeats accompanied by Tatjana's paintings. 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
40 Pages.



Stories to Nourish the Hearts of Children by Laura Simms

Illustration by Tatjana Krizmanic

Nourishing is a jewel-like collection of 28 tales from throughout the world. They are meaningful and delightful stories gathered and written by a world famous storyteller for children and their parents. Originally created to generate healing and joy following the tragedy of 9/11. This expanded compilation includes commentary and an excellent how to guide for reading and telling stories for our children. The stories promote happiness, tolerance, compassion, reflection, cultural understanding and imaginative restoration. They are constructed for reading outloud, for provoking contemplation and as a tool for educators, fieldworkers, parents and health workers to generate sensitive conversations. Few books reach into the heart of our children as this small book. There is a Turkish proverb, "A small key opens a big door." Storytelling is as important today, even more urgent, than it has been in times past. The layout of the book, the notes and beauty of language make this an exceptional gift for anyone of any age.