Day 4. Morning meditation, followed by breakfast. We will use this day for a guided study tour with a local art historian through magical medieval towns of inland Istria. The towns are surrounded by vineyards and here you can sample the region’s finest wines. Time permitting, we will visit the Basilica in Poreč, a UNESCO site. Next stop is the Church of St. Mary on Škriljinah, a 15th century Gothic church situated in a pine grove. In the church interior there is the Danse Macabre, also called the Dance of Death, one of the most well-known and preserved series of frescoes and, along with the Arena in Pula and Euphrasian Basilica, the most recognizable cultural monument of Istria. The Dance of Death is an artistic genre of allegory of the Late Middle Ages on the universality of death. We will finish our tour with the visit of St. Foška Curch in the historical stone town of Balle. The narrow and cobbled streets that surround the medieval, 15th century castle belonging to the Bembo family, hide many unrevealed stories. St. Foška’s Church is a three-nave basilica. Preserved Benedictine paintings are probably the most fascinating example of the Romanesque mural painting in Croatia. Throughout the day we will skecth, watercolor and “harvest” imagery and ideas for future paintings.


Day 5. Morning meditation, followed by breakfast. The class this morning is a guided studio class, dedicated to painting and applying the newly learned skills of observation and expression, along with the practical painting and drawing skills. Afternoon, following lunch, is devoted to profound deepening of your artistic expression and skill. This day will be the crucial point in our workshop - the day went we begin to move toward the final, finished artwork and strive to apply all of the skills learned in previous days, while staying open to the possibilities of new ideas and creativity coming through. Afternoon will be open and participants can dedicate it to further exploration, quiet contemplation and work on their final pieces.


Day 6. Morning meditation, followed by breakfast. We will use the morning for a nature tour – either a boat trip along the peninsula (weather permitting), or a gastronomy and local culture tour. Late afternoon will be devoted to a short studio class, with one on one instruction, and preparation for the final day of painting and the exhibition of our work..


Day 7. Morning meditation, followed by breakfast. The class this morning is a guided studio class, helping us to polish what we learned about painting and finalize our retreat. It is devoted to collective observation, learning from sharing our experiences and a final question and answer session. We will prepare our pieces for exhibition before dinner when we will hold a small vernissage (preview of the work) in the grand ballroom, giving us all a chance to experience what an art opening looks like from the artists’ side and an opportunity to speak about our work with each other and our guests. The show will be followed by a group farewell dinner.